Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


FESTIVAL MODEM d.o.o has been contracted by FLORIAN MANUEL REMMELE for the sale of tickets for  the event MASTERS OF PUPPETS FESTIVAL 2023. 

When purchasing tickets for the Event, you are contracting with the Organiser, Florian Manuel Remmele and not with the Seller, Modem Festival d.o.o.

By purchasing a ticket you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by these terms and conditions. 

Masters of Puppets Festival may be subject to specific terms and conditions which are set by the Organiser, please read and understand those terms and conditions before purchasing a ticket.

Link for this event – https://www.mastersofpuppets.net/

Any disputes or complaints you have about the Event are between you and the Organiser, unless the issue concerns our checkout platform or process.  

The Seller reserves the right to change these Terms and conditions at any time. Any amended Terms and conditions will be posted to this website. Please check this section regularly for changes to ensure you have up to date information as you are bound by these Terms and conditions. If you purchase a ticket after any amendment to these Terms, you agree to be bound by the updated version of these Terms.



Name: Florian Manuel Remmele

Event Name: Masters of Puppets Festival

Address : Rybná 716/24, Staré Město, 110 00 Praha, Czechia

Tax/Reg Number : cz684511483

Persons authorized to represent: Florian Manuel Remmele

Phone number: ‪+43 681 20657701‬

E-mail address: info@mastersofpuppets.net



Name: FESTIVAL MODEM d.o.o. for services

Abbreviated name: FESTIVAL MODEM d.o.o.

Address : Donje Primišlje 11, 47240 Slunj, Republic of Croatia

Entered in the court register: Commercial Court in Zagreb – permanent office in Karlovac, MBS: 080846475

Commercial Bank: Privredna banka Zagreb d.d.

IBAN: HR0723400091110584822

OIB: 97269970211

Persons authorized to represent: Tomislav Sijarto

Phone number: +385 99 320 4990

E-mail address: info@backstage2.com

For all questions and ambiguities related to these Terms of Use or the order procedure, you can contact Modem Festival d.o.o. at the e-mail address info@backstage2.com or by phone at: +385 99 320 4990 from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 16:00.



BUYER / CONSUMER : A consumer is any natural person who enters into a legal transaction or operates on the market outside his trade, business, craft or professional activity.

EVENT : Masters of Puppets Festival 2023, held 03.07.2023 to 09.07.2023

ORGANISER :  Florian Manuel Remmele


WEBSHOP : www.mastersofpuppets.shop.modemfestival.com 



The products on the Webshop represent an invitation to purchase and the Seller will decide on the acceptance of the offer given by the consumer.

The conclusion of a contract via the web shop is the conclusion of a distance contract and the acquis communautaire, including the regulations of the Republic of Croatia, applies to it.

These terms of use regulate the relationship between the consumer and the Seller. A consumer is any natural person who enters into a legal transaction or operates on the market outside his trade, business, craft or professional activity.

The Buyer and the Seller are bound by these Terms and conditions, and in the event that a certain provision is contrary to the mandatory regulations of Croatian law, the mandatory regulations will apply.

The content of the Webshop is protected by intellectual property rights. Buyers and users of the Webshop may not dispose of the intellectual property rights of the Seller or without prior approval.

Users and / or buyers of the product are obliged to refrain from harming third parties and are obliged to take actions to reduce any damage.

The Seller is in no way responsible for the damage that the user may suffer by using the Webshop, unless the Seller’s liability is regulated by mandatory regulations of the Republic of Croatia.

Customers bear the costs of using computer equipment and telecommunications services required to access the Webshop.

The Seller. makes constant efforts to ensure optimal operation and quality of the website. The Seller cannot guarantee that the use of the Webshop will not be interrupted or temporarily unavailable.

The Seller reserves the right at any time and without prior notice to modify, supplement or discontinue any part of its business, including the Webshop, or any part thereof, services, subpages or services provided through them. The law in question includes, but is not limited to, changes in the time of availability of content, the availability of new data and the method of transmission.

The Seller. reserves the right to change or amend the Terms and conditions at any time. All changes and amendments come into force on the day of publication on the Webshop.

The contracting parties are obliged to act in accordance with the principles of conscientiousness and honesty, the prohibition of causing damage and the duty to fulfill obligations.


On our web shop, the prices of products and services are expressed in kuna. In accordance with the Law on the introduction of the euro as the official currency in the Republic of Croatia (Official Gazette 57/22, 88/22), from September 5, 2022, on our web shop, we will start with a dual display of prices in kuna and euros, whereby 1 euro is HRK 7.53450.

The aforementioned double display of the prices of products and services on our web shop does not constitute an invitation to pay in euros, but only serves to protect consumers, in order to understand which of our products or services certain prices refer to, as well as the possibility of checking whether the prices are correctly calculated.

All products and services ordered or purchased through this web shop are still paid for in kuna, and in case of product return, the amount paid is also returned to the customer in kuna.

The above is valid until January 1, 2023, when the euro becomes legal means of payment in the Republic of Croatia.

General provisions

On January 1, 2023, the euro becomes legal means of payment in the Republic of Croatia.

In accordance with the introduction of the euro as an official monetary unit and legal means of payment, on September 5, 2023, the period of dual reporting of prices and other monetary value statements will begin.

From January 1, 2023 to January 14, 2023, there is a period of double circulation.

On January 1, 2024, the obligation of dual reporting of prices ends.

Until September 5, 2023, dual reporting of prices and other monetary value statements is voluntary. After the specified date, dual reporting becomes an obligation of FESTIVAL MODEM d.o.o.

Basic principles in the process of introducing the euro

In the process of introducing the euro, the following principles are applied:

The principle of consumer protection – recalculation of prices and other monetary statements of value is carried out free of charge, using a fixed conversion rate

The principle of the prohibition of unjustified price increases – it is forbidden to increase the price of goods or services for consumers without a justified reason when introducing the euro.

The principle of continuity of legal instruments – the procedure for introducing the euro does not affect the validity of existing legal instruments in which the kuna is mentioned.

The principle of efficiency and economy – the introduction of the euro and all related procedures and activities are carried out in such a way as to ensure the simplest possible treatment for everyone with as few costs as possible.

The principle of transparency and information – information about the introduction of the euro must be clear, understandable, accessible, legible and visible.

Rules on the application of the euro

Amounts specified in kuna in legal instruments are considered amounts in euro with the application of a fixed conversion rate and in accordance with the rules for conversion and rounding from the Act on the introduction of the euro as the official currency in the Republic of Croatia (Official Gazette 57/2022).

Reference to the kuna without specifying the amount in legal instruments is considered a reference to the euro.

Amounts stated in legal instruments in euro that are converted into kuna equivalents according to the middle exchange rate of the Croatian National Bank or another bank exchange rate until the date of the introduction of the euro are considered amounts in euro.

From January 1, 2023, the Croatian National Bank publishes the exchange rate list of the Croatian National Bank for the euro in relation to other currencies.

Rules for recalculation and rounding

Monetary amounts that must be paid or calculated are converted using a fixed conversion rate in accordance with the rules for conversion and rounding from Articles 4 and 5 of Regulation (EC) no. 1103/97.

The aforementioned conversion is performed by applying the full numerical amount of the fixed conversion rate and rounding the obtained amount in accordance with the mathematical rules of rounding, whereby the obtained result is rounded in accordance with the rules for conversion and rounding, to two decimal places, based on the third decimal place.

The following mathematical rounding rule applies:

  • if the third decimal place is less than five, the second decimal place remains unchanged
  • if the third decimal is equal to or greater than five, the second decimal is increased by one.

Unit prices of low value expressed for accounting units of goods and services that are used as a multiplier for calculating the price of goods and services and other low value prices, recalculated in accordance with the rules for recalculation, are rounded and expressed to more than two decimal places.

Rules for dual pricing

FESTIVAL MODEM d.o.o. is obliged, during the period of dual reporting of prices, to dual report the price of goods and services in a clear, legible, visible and easy-to-see manner in euro and kuna with the application of a fixed conversion rate and in accordance with the rules for conversion and rounding:

– in the business premises at the point of sale or on the goods or on the price list if it is a service

– on the website

– in an offer or contract on a permanent medium

– in the notification that is given to the consumer before or during the conclusion of a contract outside the business premises and a distance contract

– during advertising in any form offering the sale of goods or services

– in the reminder and other notification about the outstanding debt that is delivered to the consumer, the total amount of the debt

– through other forms of price disclosure.

Exceptionally, the obligation to dual reporting of prices of goods and services does not apply to advertising through radio programs and voice messages about other forms of advertising.

In addition to the other exceptions highlighted in Article 44, paragraph 4 of the Law on the introduction of the euro as the official currency in the Republic of Croatia, the obligation to dual reporting of prices does not apply to the discount coupon and the coupon for the value of the returned goods.

Double reporting on the account

FESTIVAL MODEM d.o.o. is obliged during the period of dual reporting of prices, when issuing the bill to the consumer, to dual report the total amount on the bill along with the display of the fixed conversion rate.



Payment for the tickets can be made with credit cards.

Payments made via the platform are deemed to be made by the owner of the Webshop account used to make the payment, not to the owner of the credit card or bank account which is used to make payment.

In case of unsuccessful payment authorization, the purchase process is terminated. You are responsible for the correctness of the information provided using the Webshop.

If you decide to pay by credit card, select the online credit card payment option and click on “BUY” and within the WSPay interface select the type of credit card you want to pay with (Mastercard, Maestro, Visa and Visa Premium) and enter the required information. When you click “BUY”, you will see information about your order. Then select “Order Confirmation” and your purchase is complete. You will receive a confirmation of the order to your e-mail or we will contact you by email if for some reason the order cannot be realised as soon as possible. The WSPay system will also automatically send you a confirmation email about the pre-authorisation of your card for the specified amount.

Payment is considered made at the time the payment is recorded in the Webshop system or at the time of receipt of authorisation by the card issuer.

The agreed purchase price includes VAT and is expressed in Croatian kuna. Please note that the means of payment in the Republic of Croatia is the kuna, and the buyer pays the cost of currency conversion.

 Payment for the tickets can be made with bank cards.

A payment is not confirmed until we receive payment in full. If we do not receive payment in full, we will notify you that the payment of the relevant amount has been unsuccessful.

If we suspect that a transaction may be fraudulent, we may request proof (for example, proof of identification, proof of address, etc.) to determine the validity of the transaction. 

If any charge-back claim occurs, it is your responsibility to provide the the Seller with all necessary documentation to resolve the claim.

The Seller charges fees when processing payments. These fees may vary based on individual agreements between the Organisers and the Seller. 

The Seller fees may vary based on several factors including but not limited to product type, price, country, payment method, and currency. 



All customers who place an order via the Webshop are required to read the Terms and conditions before ordering.

The purchase is made by filling in the form provided on the Webshop.

The purchase of products in the name and on behalf of a minor or a person deprived of legal capacity (in whole or in part) may be requested only by their legal representatives.

When filling out the form, you are obliged to enter all the information required.

Purchases via the Webshop are possible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will be notified by email of the receipt purchase.

If the Seller does not fulfill the contract within the deadline, it will inform you in writing without delay. You have the right to terminate the contract only if you gave the Seller a subsequent reasonable deadline for fulfillment, unless the circumstances of the case indicate that the trader will not be able to fulfill the contract even at a later date.

On the Webshop it is possible to make an order as a guest, ie without registration. In that case, you will be asked only for the information that is important for processing the order.

Tickets are issued in electronic form as an “e-ticket”. The Seller does not issue any “physical tickets”.

Your email address is used as a form of identification and the Seller considers a purchased  ticket as delivered after sending the ticket to this address.

You may purchase more than one ticket per transaction. You must provide the name and surname of each participant while placing an order.

It is not possible to continue the purchase without checking the box “I accept the Terms and Conditions and privacy policy” which marks you confirm that you have read and understood these Terms and conditions and that you agree with them.

After successfully placing and paying for your order you will be emailed a “purchase confirmation”, this is NOT your e-ticket. E-ticket will be sent subsequently by the Seller. 

During the duration of the special form of sale at prices lower than the prices in regular sales, the Seller is obliged to indicate the price applied during the special form of sale and the lowest price applied during the period of 30 days before the implementation of the special form of sale.

Regarding any inquiry, the customer can contact the Seller by phone at ‪+385 99 320 4990‬‬ from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 16:00 or by e-mail to orders.mastersofpuppets@backstage2.com.

If you have not received the purchased tickets that you paid for within the agreed delivery time, please inform the Seller about it at the e-mail address orders.mastersofpuppets@backstage2.com.



The Seller does not determine the refund policy for the Event. 

The Event has its own refund policy, please check the refund policy of the event before purchasing your ticket. If refunds are applicable you must contact the event for any refund requests. 

In the case of Event cancellation, postponement, interruption, limitation, or restriction of an event, the Organiser is responsible for any refunds. 

The Seller cannot be held responsible in case of cancellation, postponement, interruption, delay or for any change in the festival production and therefore cannot be held responsible for any refund to the customer, this is the Organiser’s sole responsibility.

Any disputes or complaints you have about an event are between you and the Organiser, unless the issue concerns the check out and payment process.  

The Sellers Booking Fee is non-refundable in all instances.

If you think you have been charged incorrectly or there was a problem with your payment, please contact orders.mastersofpuppets@backstage2.com.



For more information about the Organisers Force Majeure clause, please visit : https://www.mastersofpuppets.net/


In accordance with the best and fair business practice, and in accordance with Art. 10 of the Consumer Protection Act, we ask you to submit a written complaint expressing your dissatisfaction with the purchased product, service or business by mail to the address:


Donje Primišlje 11, 47240 Slunj,

Republic of Croatia

or send via e-mail to info@backstage2.com.

When submitting a complaint that was not sent by e-mail, it is important to provide accurate information about your name and surname and address in order for Modem Festival d.o.o. to be able to provide you with a response within the legal deadline.

Modem Festival d.o.o. will acknowledge receipt of your complaints in writing or by e-mail without delay.

Modem Festival d.o.o. will respond to you in writing by mail or e-mail within 15 days from the date of receipt of your complaint in accordance with the notice on how to file a written complaint, clearly stating whether it accepts the merits of your’s complaint.

For all additional questions, we are available via the telephone call center: +385 99 320 4990 and e-mail at info@backstage2.com.


In the event of a dispute, Modem Festival d.o.o. and you will try to resolve the dispute amicably.

If the dispute cannot be resolved amicably, the court with actual and territorial jurisdiction in the Republic of Croatia with the application of Croatian law shall have jurisdiction, unless the applicable regulations prescribe otherwise.

Disputes can be resolved before the Court of Honor or other conciliation centers.

Your disputes can be resolved through the European Commission’s ODR platform https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home2.show&lng=EN.



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If you have any queries on any of the above terms and conditions please get in touch with us directly via info@backstage2.com.


Donje Primišlje 11, 47240 Slunj, Croatia